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Best Practices

Building Family Resilience
Catherine Sondergaard (M.Ed, RECE, ECE C), of Infant and Child Development Services Peel,  describes the significant role that service providers play in promoting resilience in families where there is a need to manage Prader-Willi Syndrome.  This detailed article explores risk and protective factors and specific strategies service providers can use to assist families in building resilience.  The article is accompanied by a poster that summarizes the points in the article.


Residential programs   BJ Goff is a professor at Westfield State College and disabilities consultant, specializing in PWS. Her work includes the development of residential, vocational and crisis intervention programs. BJ Goff was the keynote speaker at the PWS Providers Day (2006) and made the following articles available to the PWS Network.  

Karen Balko, a Registered Dietitian at the PWS Clinic at North York General Hospital, is the author of the Red Yellow Green System for Weight Management. The following article is based on the workshop she presented at the PWS Providers Day.




Profile of PWS in Central West Region  One of the first initiatives of the PWS Network in 2006 was to conduct a survey of service providers to assess needs and compile an inventory of services.  The survey also requested information about individuals with PWS currently being supported by these agencies.  A total of 52 individuals were identified, providing a portrait of PWS in our region. 

 Profiles of PWS in Toronto Region and Central East Region  The survey of developmental service providers was extended to Toronto and Central East Regions in 2007.   Responses identified 44 individuals with PWS in Toronto Region and 43 in Central East Region.  The reports provide a a perspective on the scope of the present and future need for supports for individuals with PWS.